Radeon HD 4890 shows up in European e-tail listing

Remember those rumors about an upcoming Radeon HD 4890 from AMD? Well, it doesn't look like they're rumors anymore. At least, a listing for the new high-end graphics card has popped up at Salland, an online retail store in the Netherlands.

The listing describes a Sapphire version of the Radeon HD 4890 (model number 21150-00-40R) with an 850MHz core clock speed and 1GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at an "effective" 3900MHz. In case you're wondering, the plain old Radeon HD 4870 1GB normally runs at 750MHz with a 3600MHz memory speed. If I have my math right, the faster RAM should give the 4890 almost 10GB/s higher peak memory bandwidth than its older sibling.

So, how much does this thing cost? Salland quotes a €259.95 pre-order price. Considering the relationship between prices on both sides of the Atlantic, you can probably expect U.S. pricing to end up south of the $300 mark. (Pedants will note that €259.95 actually works out to $337.55, however.) Salland says you can expect the card to become available in April, which sounds like confirmation of the mid-April release time frame we heard last month.

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