Report: Atom may soon power half of cheap desktops

While Intel's Atom processors are almost omnipresent in the netbook market, they've only made their way into a relatively small portion of desktops. However, DigiTimes quotes Taiwanese industry sources who say that Intel anticipates considerable growth in Atom demand for low-end desktop PCs.

Reportedly, the single-core Atom 230 makes up 4% of Intel's CPU shipments for nettops and cheap desktops this quarter, while the dual-core variant (the Atom 330) represents another 6%. DigiTimes says Intel has adjusted its targets for the fourth quarter so that the Atom 330 and 230 will account for 52% and 10% of shipments, respectively—almost two thirds of the market put together. Celeron 200 and E1000 processors will make up the remainder.

DigiTimes notes that Intel will roll out a dual-core Atom successor code-named Pineview-DC in the same quarter. A single-core derivative will follow in Q1 2010. As far as we're aware, those parts should both be system-on-a-chip devices with built-in graphics cores.

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