Samsung ships 16GB DDR3 memory modules

Cramming 6GB of memory into a shiny new Core i7 rig is great, but Samsung must think that's a little passé: the company says it's begun shipping DDR3 modules with a whopping 16GB capacity.

Samsung claims these are the "world's first and smallest high-density memory modules" to use 2Gb, 50nm DRAM chips, which are packed in dual-die configurations to allow for 16GB registered DIMMs. The modules themselves are rated for operation at 1066Mbps (or 1066MHz), and Samsung says it's the first to offer 16GB modules that can operate at 1.35V. It's not entirely clear whether the modules can actually hit their top speed at 1.35V, though.

In any case, Samsung points out that the 16GB modules allow two-socket servers to tote 192GB of total memory—that means six DIMMs per CPU, so it's probably talking about Nehalem-based Xeon servers with triple-channel memory controllers.

Even that might start to look a little outmoded soon, because the company announced 4Gb DDR3 chips back in January. Those chips can hit 1600MHz at 1.35V, and with the same dual-die package tech, they should find their way into 32GB modules. 192GB per socket, anyone?

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