Deal of the week: A 1TB green hard drive for $90 shipped

When a recent hard drive model gets below the 10-cents-a-gigabyte mark, a deal post like this practically writes itself. Newegg is offering Western Digital's Caviar Green 1TB (the newer WD10EADS version) for $99.99 with free shipping, and you can get it down to $89.99 shipped using the coupon code "EMCLPNL29"—that's without the quotes, naturally.

$89.99 with free shipping for 1TB of storage capacity actually works out to 9 cents a gigabyte, which may very well be the lowest we've seen yet. As we saw in our review, the 1TB Caviar Green's low spindle speed and dense platters translate into very low power consumption and noise levels, yet all-around performance remains quite decent. That makes the WD10EADS an ideal mass storage drive, although there are faster solutions (like, say, WD's own 1TB Caviar Black) if you're looking for a quick primary boot drive.

In any case, the folks at LogicBuy say this coupon code expires on March 26, so don't wait.

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