Monday Shortbread


  1. Smarthouse reports new Apple OLED notebook & iPhone confirmed by LG
  2. Engadget reports Intel's Z5xx series of Atom processors hits 2GHz
  3. MSI: HDMI support across the whole series, MSI's R4600 HDMI series slips into the market
  4. Donanim Haber on Colorful's 128-bit interface & GDDR2 memory 9800 GT (write-up in Turkish)
  5. NordicHardware has RV790 / RV740 update, RV870 coming along nicely
  6. ATi-Forum: HD 4890 with Launch-Driver and RV870 info (in German)
  7. DigiTimes reports TSMC and UMC see rising orders for AMD GPUs for 2Q09, says paper
  8. NY Times reports for Palm, some tough smartphone acts to follow
    and Steve Ballmer maps Microsoft's cloud-y future
  9. C|Net on Facebook's redesign: Time to listen to users?
  10. Google removes street images over privacy complaints
Software and gaming

  1. Streaming video on the iPhone? It's madness.
  2. Ars Technica's interview: Meebo CEO on iPhone chat app, Push Notifications
  3. Get your life back - Windows Home Server image-based backup software
  4. nV News reports Nvidia 185.13 (beta) for Linux x86 / x86-64 released
  5. Skype is out
  6. Shacknews reports Star Wars: The Old Republic screenshots detail bounty hunters
  7. Strategy Informer's StarCraft II interview
  8. Warcraft III patch v1.23
  9. GTA IV update v1.0.3.0
  10. Technic3D reviews Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. (in German)
  11. ThinkComputers covers Pittco Iron Storm X LAN party
Systems, storage, and video

  1. InsideHW reviews eMachines G520 and eMachines G620
  2. EPIAcenter reviews MSI IM-945GSE-A Mini-ITX fanless Atom motherboard (in German)
  3. Legit Reviews on 200GB Seagate Momentus 7200.2 notebook hard drive
  4. Björn3D reviews PromoLocker customized USB flash drives
  5. TweakTown: Unleashing Nvidia's GTX 295 graphics card
  6. Benchmark Reviews on Palit GeForce GTX 260 Sonic 216SP
  7. Hardware Bistro reviews AVerMedia AVerTV Box W7 Lite
  8. TechReviewSource on Sharp Aquos LC-52D85U 52" LCD TV
  9. Phoronix reviews Logitech QuickCam Communicate Deluxe
Multimedia, power, and cooling

  1. TestFreaks review Pantech Matrix Pro phone
  2. ReviewStash's Ghost Armor vs. Best Skins Ever vs. BodyGuardz G1 shootout
  3. Futurelooks has Nintendo Wii Zapper shootout
  4. PC Perspective reviews 750W Antec TruePower New PSU
  5. SilentPCReview on Chill Innovation CP-700M: Quiet EU power
  6. ProClockers review Coolmax CU-700 PSU
  7. Overclockers Club reviews AMA Aragon 900 water cooling kit
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