AMD to demo hardware-accelerated physics this week

Two and a half years after first demonstrating Havok physics effects running on a graphics processor, AMD apparently plans to... show Havok physics effects running on a graphics processor. According to a page on the Game Developers Conference website, AMD will host a session about hardware game physics and game realism this coming Thursday in San Francisco:

AMD's Neal Robison and OTOY's Jules Urbach will explore how improved realism in games doesn't have to increase development time and effort. Hear the latest on game computing featuring open, standards-based physics with OpenCL and ATI Stream, and increasing content scalability through server-side rendering powered by AMD's Fusion Render Cloud.

According to the Twitter page of AMD Software Product Manager Terry Makedon, the "standards-based physics" in question will be Havok technology. Makedon says, "Havok is indeed our partner of choice. Go check out the session if you are around, should be educational." He also wrote in a previous post, "ATI GPU Physics strategy and ohhh maybe a demo being thrown down next week at GDC. If you're there GO see it."

Much has changed since the 2006 demo, of course. Havok has been bought out by Intel, Nvidia has purchased Ageia and implemented PhysX support in its graphics processors, and the Khronos Group has completed the OpenCL specification.

Last June, AMD and Havok announced that they had partnered up to "jointly investigate the optimization of physics effects utilizing AMD's full line of products." The two firms said they were working both to optimize Havok's physics middleware for AMD processors and to use Radeon GPUs for physics simulations. (Thanks to TG Daily for the link.)

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