BFG launches modular 1.2kW power supply

While the rest of us get by with comparatively puny 500W power supplies, BFG Tech has introduced a new PSU with an output rating of no less than 1,200W. The new EX-1200 has four 12V rails rated for an impressive 98A (or roughly 1,180W) of combined output—and BFG claims the 80 Plus-certified unit delivers at least 80% efficiency "even with loads as low as 10% of the . . . maximum capability."

This PSU also has three-way SLI certification, which isn't surprising considering the power output and the fact that it has six PCI Express power connectors (three six-pin connectors and three eight-pin ones). Of course, even with three high-end GeForces, you may only load the EX-1200 to two thirds of its capacity. Speaking of connectors, the unit is modular, too.

BFG's EX-1200 is already available at Newegg, and it looks like you'll have to pony over the handsome sum of $249.99 for the privilege of owning one. On the upside, you may not have to upgrade again until the ATX12V spec becomes obsolete, and BFG covers this thing with a lifetime warranty.

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