Radeon HD 4890 may launch on April 2

AMD could launch its fastest single-GPU graphics card in just over a week. According to VR-Zone, that Radeon HD 4890 we've been hearing about for a little while will finally come out on April 2. The report cites no sources, but it says 4890 cards have already started selling in Taiwan and Hong Kong. As a result, AMD has reportedly decided to bring the official launch forward.

VR-Zone goes on to say the Radeon HD 4890 is "expected to retail at around US$249." (Pre-launch prices in Hong Kong supposedly range from $1,999 HKD to $2,280 HKD, or $258-294 in U.S. dollars.) We saw the 4890 pop up in a European e-tail listing last week, too. The listing quoted a GPU clock speed of 850MHz, and it said the card packed 1GB of 975MHz (3600MT/s) GDDR5 memory.

If you read the news yesterday, you might have seen us talk about another $249 graphics card also scheduled for early April—or so the rumor mill would have one believe, at least. Word is that Nvidia will counter with a $249 GeForce GTX 275 on April 6. However, VR-Zone claims that card's clocks "aren't even finalized" and Nvidia partners still haven't received samples for internal testing.

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