Wolfenstein 3D lives again on the iPhone

id Software may be a late arrival to the iPhone game party, but it's apparently started strong, bringing a port of the legendary Wolfenstein 3D to Apple's touch-screen handset. Dubbed Wolfenstein 3D Classic, the port features "all new touch and tilt-based controls personally developed by . . . id Software founder, John Carmack."

Judging by the screenshots up at Shacknews, id has stuck with the old-school Wolfenstein assets—including pixelated Nazi soldiers and, of course, MechaHitler. The game also includes "all six original episodes with 60 classic levels and unforgettable weapons," although id has added a top-down map to help players get around and find secrets.

iPhone users can grab Wolfenstein 3D Classic from the iPhone App Store today for $4.99. There's more where that came from, too: the press release hints at upcoming Doom and Quake ports, and John Carmack revealed in a recent interview that he was working on a Quake III port that could borrow elements from Quake Live.

Oh, and developers might be interested to know id has also released the Wolfenstein 3D Classic source code. (The link's at the bottom right of the official game page.) Carmack wrote a lengthy account of the port's development process with some programming notes on this page.

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