New PIII stepping

2CPU tipped me off that Intel will be cranking out a new stepping of its PIII processor line for the new year. Looks like Intel will be taking another crack at the 1.0+ GHz mark with the new stepping which will include the following changes.
1: C-0 to D-0 core processor stepping change.
2: CPUID change from 0686h for C-0 to 068Ah for D-0.
3: The Vcc operating voltage will change from 1.70 to 1.75.
4: Increase in Thermal Design Power,
5: FC-PGA2 form factor with Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS).
6: Also available in current FC-PGA package.
Whether this new stepping will cure the problems Intel was having with the original 1.13GHz part remains to be seen. The new IHS is the most interesting of the changes, and will only be available in the FC-PGA2 package. While Intel doesn't discuss it further it's safe to assume that it's something to increase the contact area between the core and the heatsink. With the PIII core's surface area so small one would think there's a cooling advantage to be had with a greater contact area between the core and the heatsink. For the rest of the technical goodies check out the official .pdfs here.
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