Poll: If you were building a PC now, what socket would you choose?

In both our latest system guide and our processor value comparo, we pointed out that AMD's Socket AM2+ and AM3 platforms actually have a better upgrade path than their direct competition. Intel is about to switch sockets for its mainstream processors, leaving LGA775 in the dust.

AMD's Phenom II processors also happen to be quite competitive, but our observation raises an interesting question: just what socket would you, the reader, pick if you were building a system for yourself today? Would you go the AMD route for the better upgrade path or stick with good old LGA775 hardware? Would you make the jump straight to LGA1366 with a Core i7? And, if you were going with AMD, would you choose Socket AM2+ to save money or Socket AM3 for DDR3 support (knowing that AM3 CPUs also work on AM2+ mobos)?

Those are the questions we're asking in our latest poll. Feel free to cast your vote either below or on our front page to let us know where you stand.

Our previous poll focused on Nvidia's new mobile GPUs, and we asked how you felt about the firm selling a G92-powered graphics solution as a GeForce GTX 280M. 56% of voters believed the move to be "absolutely misleading and wrong," while 21% voted "borderline unethical," so about four fifths of voters don't like the branding. 15% took the middle road, saying the move was fair game but confusing, while 8% thought Nvidia did a good job.

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