Nvidia could buy a stake in Via, report says

We heard a number of rumors about Nvidia purchasing Via last year. That never happened, but according to fresh whispers from the rumor mill, Nvidia could still end up owning a chunk of the smaller Taiwanese firm.

DigiTimes says Via plans to auction off 300 million new shares, and word from market sources is that Nvidia is in talks to buy a chunk of them. The shares would be worth around 27-35 cents each, so at most, Nvidia would be buying a $105 million stake in Via. We should find out if this report is accurate on June 19: that's when Via plans to hold a shareholder meeting where it will announce "possible candidates for the private placement," DigiTimes writes.

As we've reported multiple times now, Nvidia and Via are still working together on a platform for Via's Nano processors. Last we heard, the platform—code-named Ion 2—is scheduled to debut in the fourth quarter of this year. (The current Ion platform mates GeForce 9300/9400 integrated graphics chipsets with Atom processors.)

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