Egghead hacked! is reporting that is the latest victim of l337 h4x0ring. The company has acknowledged that its servers have been hacked and its customer database potentially compromised.
" has discovered that a hacker has accessed our computer systems, potentially including our customer databases," the online electronics and computer retailer said in a statement early Friday.

"As a precautionary measure, we have taken immediate steps to protect our customers by contacting the credit-card companies we work with."

Sources inside the credit-card industry said late Thursday that Egghead had turned over the names of 3.7 million credit-cards holders, any number of whom whose data could have been compromised.

"It's unclear, how much, if any of that has been compromised, and we have provided this information to the credit-card companies as a precautionary measure," said Egghead spokeswoman Shoreen Maghame.

Obviously not what holiday shoppers want to be seeing as they ponder how many purchases they made over the internet this year. This one looks like another example of servers not being properly patched or taken care of. When will they learn?
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