Nvidia unleashes a pack of new Quadros

Hot on the heels of Intel's new server processors, Nvidia has pulled the curtain off a new batch of Quadro FX graphics cards—likely in a bid to get into those new Xeon 5500-based workstations we've been hearing about.

Nvidia's announcement talks of seven new cards, but the Quadro FX 5800 and Quadro FX 4800 have actually been out since last year. As far as we can tell, though, the other five GPUs are indeed fresh products:

Card SPs RAM Mem. interface Mem. bandwidth TDP Price
Quadro FX 3800 192 1GB GDDR3 256-bit 51.2GB/s 108W $899
Quadro FX 1800 64 768MB GDDR3 192-bit 38.4GB/s 59W $599
Quadro FX 580 32 512MB GDDR3 128-bit 25.6GB/s 40W $149
Quadro FX 380 16 256MB GDDR3 128-bit 22.4GB/s 34W $99
Quadro NVS 295 8 256MB GDDR3 64-bit 11.2GB/s 23W $100

These cards also support SLI Multi-OS, a technology that purportedly lets applications and users "optimize productivity and costs through the use of multiple Quadro GPU technologies from a single workstation in a virtualized environment."

Quadros should be "widely available" through major workstation makers like Dell, Fujistu-Siemens, HP, and Lenovo, not to mention card partners like PNY and system integrators. Speaking of HP, you'll find some of the aforementioned Quadros in the PC maker's new Xeon 5500-powered Z workstations.

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