New AMD platform for cheap desktops to come before September?

Over the past few months, we've heard rumors about AMD launching dual-core, Phenom II X4-based chips in the second quarter and following up with proper, 45nm dual-core Athlons in June. Today, DigiTimes writes that AMD has a new entry-level platform up its sleeve—and we should see it before September.

Code-named Pisces, the platform will reportedly couple a new 55nm 780G+ integrated graphics chipset with "Athlon II" processors based on the Propus, Rana, and Regor cores. According to a story from last November, Propus will debut in quad-core Athlon processors with no L3 cache, while Rana will fill in as the dual-core derivative. As for Rana, word got out last September that it would be a triple-core offering with no L3 cache.

DigiTimes says Pisces' 780G+ chipset will reach the "design validation test" stage in April, and it should make an appearance at the Computex trade show in June. The site doesn't reveal a precise launch time frame, but it sounds like Pisces systems could start hitting stores some time in the summer.

As an interesting side note, DigiTimes goes on to say AMD's current Phenom II X4 920 and Phenom II X3 processors are selling well. Motherboard makers reportedly expect "AMD's share of the global desktop CPU market will step up to 30% in the second quarter" as a result.

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