iSuppli: AMD CPU revenue share fell to 11% in Q4

AMD only secured about a tenth of worldwide microprocessor revenue in the fourth quarter of last year, according to the latest figures from iSuppli. The research firm has published a new report that says AMD suffered revenue share losses last year, while Intel "grew its share . . . in every quarter of 2008 on a sequential basis, effectively using each quarter as a building block for the next."

To make the data pop out clearly, we've compiled a couple of charts using iSuppli's share numbers. Note that the numbers here cover revenue for the entire microprocessor market, which isn't just limited to x86 CPUs:

iSuppli attributes part of Intel's growth to the success of the Atom processor—an interesting observation, considering Atom CPUs aren't exactly high-revenue parts. Intel said (PDF) Atom processors and chipsets only drew in revenue of $300 million in Q4, a small fraction of the chipmaker's $8.2 billion quarterly revenue. With that said, iSuppli concedes that the bulk of Intel's growth came from "the continued strength of the company's microprocessor brands and products in the desktop, notebook and server segments."

What does the future hold for AMD? iSuppli says the smaller chipmaker is better positioned this year than in 2008. We'd be inclined to agree, since AMD's new Phenom II line is quite competitive so far. Motherboard makers recently quizzed by DigiTimes even think AMD CPUs could account for 30% of the desktop market this quarter.

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