Acer could launch Ion system on April 8

Despite how promising Nvidia's Ion platform looks, we've yet to see a major PC maker announce a netbook or nettop based on it. That may change in just a week, though.

According "industry sources" who blabbed to DigiTimes, Acer will introduce the Hornet nettop in Beijing, China on April 8. DigiTimes doesn't mention the Hornet's specifications or form factor, but it says the machine will cost less than $299 and come bundled with a "motion-sensing gaming controller."

That kind of pricing would put the system neck-and-neck with basic nettops like Asus' Eee Box B202, which has a much tamer graphics solution. It'd be interesting to see Acer play up the casual gaming angle, too, although our testing shows the GeForce 9400 and Atom combination has problems smoothly running the latest games.

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