New Microsoft ad: Macs are about looks, PCs provide more choice

Lauren has a boyfriend! Well, not really, but Microsoft has released a second ad based on the same formula: show a 20-something person shopping for a laptop, turning down the Mac option, and walking away from a brick-and-mortar retailer with an HP system.

This time, the ad shows "technically savvy" shopper Giampaolo on the hunt for a laptop with portability, battery life, and power for under $1,500:

Giampaolo makes a couple of interesting points. He claims to be "really picky" and to want a computer that lets him "customize" (although he never says what). He then takes a much closer look at Macs than Lauren, yet he concludes, "This is so sexy, but Macs, to me, are about aesthetics more than they are the computing power. I don't wanna pay for the brand; I wanna pay for the computer."

Microsoft's message is clear so far: Macs look great, but they're slow and overpriced. PCs are more affordable, more powerful, and more customizable.

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