Morning, all. I know some of you are wondering where our review of the Radeon HD 4890 and GeForce GTX 275 might be. I'm working on it and hoped to have it for this morning, but the writing just wasn't flowing last night. Should be finished before too long.

I'm a little down at this point about it because, well, my original plan was to rush out something simple in time for the launch last Thursday in a bit of quick turn-around work after completing the Nehalem Xeon review. What I have in the works is still that simplified review. I've just been delayed in producing it.

Some of the delay comes from the fact that my office resides below our kitchen and, a couple of weeks ago while we were out of town on vacation, our dishwasher overflowed. Some of the water sat on our kitchen floor and damaged it, but most ran down the air vent and into the middle of Damage Labs, stopping to soak through a number of ceiling tiles on the way, including some directly above my CPU test bench. Fortunately, I don't think we lost any test hardware—the water largely pooled on the floor (and carpet) in the middle of the room. But we've been dealing with a water recovery firm and the various complications caused by these events. For a while, since there was some mold growth found above the ceiling, I had to unzip a plastic sheath in order to walk down into the office. It was like E.T.! And, of course, many of the test rigs had to be disassembled. The worst of it was probably the five days with incredibly loud blowers and dehumidifers running in here.

Anyhow, I believe the worst is over (unless the carpet in here has to be replaced). Now I just have to finish a sub-par GPU review and, hopefully, move on to better things.

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