Intel to developers: target integrated graphics

A recent Jon Peddie Research report said integrated graphics chipsets would all but vanish by 2013. However, Intel foresees a bright future for its integrated graphics hardware (which will start migrating into processor packages next year). The folks at CNet News have spotted an Intel video in which Marketing Manager Aaron Davies tells developers they have much to gain by making their titles work better on Intel IGPs.

Davies quotes Mercury Research data that says integrated graphics chipsets outsold discrete GPUs for the first time in 2008, and that IGPs will outship discrete GPUs by a factor of three to one in 2013. He also claims optimizing games to work on IGPs is a growing trend that's easy to follow:

There are games actually targeting integrated graphics chipsets at this time . . . We found through engaging with these Triple A (AAA) game studios that within a relatively short amount of time, they can identify graphics bottlenecks in their code and resolve that to have their games running on integrated graphics chipsets.

If you were reading the news last month, you may have guessed that Davies is in part pimping Intel's new Graphics Performance Analyzers suite. Released at the Game Developers Conference, the software toolkit is designed to let developers optimize games for both Intel IGPs and "many-core related products" (i.e. Intel's future Larrabee discrete GPUs).

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