Intel Celeron 800MHz reviewed

I was saving this for a day like today. The Intel Celeron 800MHz supporting the 100MHz FSB made its "flying debut" last week in Japan and Ubiq Computing has already done a quick review. Yes, it is in Japanese but the benchmarks can be read in English. They test the new Celeron on Intel's i815E motherboard with 128MB PC100 SDRAM CL2 and compare it to a Duron 800MHz / Asus A7V Pro / 128MB PC133 SDRAM CL3 machine. The two test beds both share a GeForce 2 GTS 64MB and an IBM 30GB Deskstar Ultra ATA-100. The tests include BAPCo.'s SYSmark2000, MadOnion's 3DMark 2000 version 1.1, and Video 2000 with the scores showing the Duron edging out the Celeron on most of the tests. However, because the Celeron now supports the 100MHz FSB, it does manage to narrow the performance delta.

"Celeron 800" entries have begun to sprout up on Price Watch but for a price of $200 and change, the Thunderbird 1GHz is a far better deal. The review also makes note that the official debut of the Celeron 800MHz is pencilled in for January 3rd and that Q2 2001 will mark the release of the Celeron 850MHz which will support the new "D" stepping. It looks like Intel will have to tweak the core some more to make the Celeron a more viable processor even for the PC buyer on a "budget". Formalities aside, how does it overclock? Off to OCworkbench where somebody has submitted a WCPUID showing the Celeron 800MHz overclocked to 1.5GHz using Liquid Nitrogen2. Not exactly your everyday setup but intriguing nonetheless.

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