Intel reveals new CPU logos, star rating system

Picking out a new Intel processor—whether on a retail shelf or inside a computer—may soon become a little easier for consumers. As CNet News reports, Intel has unveiled a batch of freshened-up processor logos hand in hand with a novel star-rating system.

The new, wider logos provide a glimpse at the processor silicon in the upper right corner, and they emphasize the main processor brand—Core, Pentium, Celeron, or Atom—much more strongly. So much so that generational suffices like "i7" are almost hard to make out against the backdrop. Intel spokesman Bill Calder told CNet the move is part of a "pretty aggressive brand simplification plan." He elaborated, "When we launched Core i7, we said we're moving to a single primary client brand, which is Core. We're moving in that direction."

Perhaps more important than cosmetic or branding emphasis changes, however, is the new rating system. Rather than force customers to make sense of its many model numbers and brands, Intel has opted to rate chips based on a five-star system depending on the class of performance they deliver. On the desktop, for instance, Core i7 and Core 2 Quads with model numbers greater than 9300 get five stars. The Q8000, Q6000, and E7000 series get three stars, and the Celeron line gets a single star. The CNet article has a full list of Intel's desktop and mobile CPU series with their corresponding star ratings.

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