2GHz Atom unveiled at IDF Beijing

To celebrate the first anniversary of the Atom processor launch, Intel released its highest-clocked version of the mobile processor yet at IDF Beijing early this morning. The company took the opportunity to show a live demo of Atom's system-on-chip successor and talk about other upcoming products, as well.

The new Atom Z550 runs at 2GHz, and based on the name, we can tell it's a Silverthorne offering aimed more at mobile Internet devices than netbooks and nettops. The Z550 supports Hyper-Threading technology and fits within a 3W power envelope. Intel also unveiled the Atom Z515, a model it says is the first to use Burst Performance Technology in order to "run at 1.2GHz when performance is needed in existing small and sleek MID form factors."

Moving on to yet-unreleased products, Intel showed a "live demo" of its Moorestown platform, which includes the Lincroft Atom SoC successor and the Langwell I/O hub. As part of the demo, Intel says it demonstrated a "greater than 10x" reduction in idle power draw compared to a current Atom platform.

Finally, Intel's press release reiterated launch time frames for a couple of future products: eight-core, multi-socket Nehalem-EX processors for servers are on track to hit production in the second half of this year, and so are mainstream Nehalem derivatives, including 32nm Westmere parts. Also, Intel quotes a loose "late 2009/2010" for the release of the first Larrabee discrete graphics processors.

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