Pro Cooling's Project: Double Header 3

Those of you like me who have been somewhat avidly following Pro Cooling's Project can now be put out of our misery. This thing is finally done so without further ado we are here to receive the mythical Double Header 3.
This article is broke up into 5 sections, The Intro and Overview of the entire machine, a Detailed look at the Coolant system, A Detailed look at the Electrical system, a brief look into the case modd'n I did, and finally the Credits and notes on all this. All the steps cover stuff in the other steps ( like case modd'n is covered in every part) But those areas will go into detail each area. I HIGHLY recommend going through in order to get all the DH3 goodness there is to be gotten. Now .. enough Chit chat, lets get on to some serious gear. This article is long, and murderous on a modem due to all the graphics, so Please bear with us :)

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