Japanese firm intros GPU-accelerated consumer video editor

Consumer-oriented video transcoders that take advantage of GPU acceleration are all well and good, but what if you want to do some video editing, too? The folks at LoiLo were probably trying to fill that gap when they came up with Super LoiLoScope Mars: this $69 video editor has a novel, user-friendly interface for HD video editing, and it features extensive GPU acceleration—both for the editing and encoding processes.

Since it's probably better to show the interface in motion than to describe it at length, we've embedded the Super LoiLoScope Mars introductory video below. Be warned, however—LoiLo is a Japanese firm, and the video clearly reflects that with an abundance of bright colors and peppy music.

For folks more interested in the technical aspect, Nvidia's press release includes a handy run-down of Super LoiLoScope Mars' key features:

  • GPU accelerated H.264 encoding
  • Movie output up to 10x faster with NVIDIA CUDA™ enabled GPUs
  • Editing & playback of AVCHD HD movies at full HD resolution (1920x1080)
  • Magnet output which enables output of multiple movies at once
  • A simple new interface for saved projects
  • Faster image editing
  • A Search button for original files of thumbnails
  • Support for 9 languages, including: Japanese, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and simple Chinese.
  • Support for MP4, iPod, PSP, AVCHD, mp4 for Blu-ray, and Youtube HD movie formats
  • You can download a trial version of the app now right from Loilo's website. The trial only lets you save videos in standard-def format with a watermark—you'll have to cough up the $69 for the retail version to get HD video export functionality.

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