A quick podcast schedule announcement

Howdy all. Today is Good Friday, so we're not publishing our full slate of news throughout the day. That's why it's a little quiet around here.

I did want to take a second, though, to make an announcement. Normally, right about now, we'd be gearing up to record the podcast, but we won't have an episode this week. Instead, we've decided to ease the podcast back to a new schedule in which we'll produce two episodes per month. As you know if you're one of our thousands of listeners, we've been producing the show for over a year now, and we've been unable to attract a regular sponsor. I believe the show is a good thing for us in many ways and could become a winning business proposition at some point, too. But the audio format is a different animal in this market, and many folks just don't understand it and aren't willing to take a risk on sponsoring it, especially in this economy. For the time being, I think it's best for us to scale back as we weather a tough environment.

So here's the plan. Our next episode will be on April 24, and after that, we should be producing shows on the second and fourth week of each month. Of course, knowing how things go, we may introduce some flexibility into that schedule as needed, but that's the basic blueprint. I still think a weekly show is the best possible outcome, so we'll revisit this if and when we attract enough sponsorship support to make it feasible.

As always, if you happen to know of anyone who might be a good sponsor for the show, feel free to shoot an email to Adam, our biz guy, who would be more than happy to discuss options with any serious prospects.

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