Easter Sunday Shortbread

Easter Sunday

  1. Hello, Dally: Nvidia chief scientist breaks silence, criticizes Intel (Larrabee)
  2. Microsoft, Yahoo talking on search deal: report
  3. Steve Jobs maintains grip at Apple (Reuters has more)
  4. Skype founders said to be eyeing eBay company: report
  5. TG Daily reports Microsoft gets former Sun chip guru, but why?
  6. Wired reports consumer group asks Congress to investigate bandwidth caps
  7. Fudzilla reports Intel's P55 will be displayed at Computex
  8. Tech ARP's BIOS option of the week - Gate A20 option
Software and gaming

  1. C|Net reports researchers say Conficker is all about the money
  2. Nvidia releases PhysX 9.09.0408 system software
  3. AMD's hotfix that fixes "Error Code 43" when enabling crossfire and
    provided WHQL Catalyst drivers release for the ATI Radeon HD 4890
  4. The EVGA SLI Enhancement Patch version 9
  5. VLC media player 0.9.9a for Mac OS X
  6. Will Time Warner's proposed bandwidth caps hurt online gaming?
  7. Shacknews on video games to be released this week
  8. Who would be on the Mount Rushmore of video game characters?
  9. [OC]ModShop reviews Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (PC)
  10. Gaming Heaven reviews Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (Xbox 360)
  11. FileFront has Call of Duty: World at War mods tools 1.2

  1. Softpedia touts awesome-looking gaming laptop from Smooth Creations
  2. Guru3D's rig of the month - April 2009
  3. Hi Tech Legion reviews 6GB Patriot Viper Series PC3-12800 memory kit
  4. Overclock3D reviews 120GB OCZ Vertex SSD
  5. Alien Babel Tech has Diamond HD 4890 XOC pixelized
  6. InsideHW reviews Logitech Z-5 speakers
  7. Hardware Pacers review Ulti-mat mouse pads
  8. t-break reviews OCZ Gladiator Max
  9. Björn3D reviews Zalman CNPS 9900LED
  10. DeXgo's CPU coolers roundup 5 (in German)
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