Latest Microsoft ad pimps Blu-ray, gaming

Meet Lisa and 11-year-old Jackson, the stars of Microsoft's latest Laptop Hunters ad. You probably know the drill by now: Microsoft films actors stepping into a big electronics chain store, shopping around, turning down Macs for whatever reason, and settling with a PC notebook that fits their needs perfectly and costs less than expected.

This time, the subjects are looking for "speed, a big hard drive, and a good gaming computer" within a $1,500 budget. Lisa eloquently makes the case for those requirements by saying, "This computer needs to be fast, because sometimes we have to look up stuff and then get out the door and get to baseball, finish homework, and done." Right. Anyway, here's the ad:

The dynamic duo finally chooses a 16.4" Sony Vaio FW, which features a Core 2 Duo processor, Radeon HD 3650 discrete graphics, and a Blu-ray drive. Both actors seem particularly excited about the Blu-ray driveā€”not too surprising, considering Apple still doesn't offer Blu-ray in any of its systems. Speaking of Macs, Lisa remarks that Apple's laptops are "kinda popular at this age" and "pretty." However, both she and Jackson grimace while pointing out the higher prices and smaller screen sizes.

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