Time Warner Cable to raise bandwidth quotas in trials

The COO of Time Warner Cable has addressed criticism about the firm's bandwidth quota trials in an open statement on Twitter-related site Long Reply. As you might recall, we learned earlier this month that Time Warner Cable's quota trials will roll out to more cities in Texas, New York, and North Carolina by the end of the summer. Word then was that folks in targeted cities would face monthly limits of 5GB to 40GB depending on their connection tiers, with additional bandwidth costing $1 a gigabyte.

Most interestingly, COO Landel Hobbs' statement reveals that these limits are going up: customers will now face quotas of 10GB to 60GB depending on the service tier. Also, the cable provider is cooking up a Road Runner Turbo package with a 100GB quota. That service will cost $75 a month with speeds of 10Mbps for downloads and 1Mbps for uploads—at least, that's what we gather Hobbs means by "10 MB/1 MB." (Yeah, apparently, the Time Warner Cable's COO has trouble distinguishing megabits and megabytes.)

Going over the cap will still cost $1 a gig, but Hobbs says there will be a $75 cap on "overage charges." In other words, folks with the $75 service shouldn't see their cable bill reach past $150 no matter how much bandwidth they use.

Finally, Hobbs reveals that Time Warner Cable is planning a $99 tier with "50/5 MB" speeds (presumably 50Mbps/5Mbps) that will be based on DOCSIS 3.0 technology. He doesn't say what quota will be associated with that service in trials, though.

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