Report: few businesses to adopt Windows 7 in 2010

Even in its beta form, Windows 7 seems to be generating considerably more positive feedback than Windows Vista. However, a survey quoted by InformationWeek suggests the hype machine hasn't done much to woo enterprise users.

Diamond Research quizzed over 1,100 "IT professionals" as part of the survey, and it concluded that only 17% of businesses plan to adopt Windows 7 within a year of its release. 42% will make the jump within one or two years, while the rest will wait two years or more. Now, businesses typically have longer and more cautious upgrade cycles than other regular users. However, InformationWeek points out that the figure is still surprising, because "almost no large companies migrated to Vista and as a result most have been using XP much longer than planned."

Why aren't more businesses planning to ditch the nearly eight-year-old operating system for a fresher version of Windows? The Diamond Research survey names two major factors: the economic climate, which "almost half" of participants cite as a reason for delayed adoption, and application compatibility, which worries 88% of respondents. Paradoxically, though, 50% also said they've "considered switching to a non-Windows OS to avoid Vista or Windows 7."

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