'Core i5' launch might be postponed until October

Officially, Intel says mainstream derivatives of its Core i7 processors will be out in the second half of this year. The rumor mill previously hinted that associated P55 motherboards could ship as early as July, but Fudzilla now claims Intel may have pushed back the release all the way until October.

Contradicting some older rumors, Fudzilla says Intel won't unveil the "Core i5" and its matching P55 chipset at the Computex trade show in June. Motherboard makers will still have P55 boards on display, but Fudzilla writes, "It's highly unlikely there even will be a paper launch, as our understanding is that Intel is doing some re-jigging of the P55 chipset."

As for the actual launch, the site goes on to say, "We've heard August-September from some and now we're hearing as late as October." The same report claims that Intel might not be feeling much pressure from AMD's Phenom II processors, although that seems hard to believe considering how competitive the new AMD CPUs have proven. Back in January, another site attributed a delay to Intel giving motherboard makers more time to clear stocks of current-gen motherboards. Perhaps that may have more to do with it.

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