Tax Day Shortbread

Tax Day

  1. Intel reports first-quarter results
  2. Intel CEO: Laptops with future 'CULV' chip big trend
  3. GlobalFoundries to close on Luther Forest propery next week
  4. C|Net reports Sun Microsystems debuts new x64 servers
  5. Yahoo to cut hundreds of jobs: source
  6. Canadian cable operator Cogeco: Metered billing 'not about making money'
  7. AT&T in talks to extend iPhone deal to 2011: report
  8. Hardware-Infos on Intel's Larrabee: 600 - 700mm2 big?
  9. DigiTimes reports Lenovo and Acer preparing new all-in-one PCs
  10. Register Hardware reports Apple muffles PC noisemakers
  11. reports MSI announces the Eclipse Plus - their fastest Core i7 platform
  12. OCZ Technology intros AMD optimized memory for the AM3 platform
    that meets low-voltage requirement for a future-proof system
  13. Fudzilla reports Radeon HD 4770 presentation leaks
    and single-PCB GTX 295 arrives in May
  14. NordicHardware posts exclusive pictures of Asus in-house designed HD 4890
  15. Expreview's exclusive: 800SP HD 4830 sneaks up in China
  16. Engadget reports iriver, Speedo suit up for new Aquabeat underwater MP3 player
  17. Microsoft SideWinder X3 announced
  18. TG Daily reports Dell may go directly to retailers with upcoming handset
  19. Betanews reports Skype to be spun off, not sold off from eBay
  20. Ars Technica reports Time Warner Cable tells FCC to shut up about net neutrality
  21. Scoop: Fox set to terminate 'Sarah Connor Chronicles'
  22. Win an Asus GTX 275 from DriverHeaven

  1. InfoWorld reports Microsoft patches 'insane' number of bugs
  2. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 beta released
  3. Service Pack 2 for 2007 Microsoft Office system due April 28th
  4. Beyond Binary reports next Office will come in 32-bit, 64-bit versions
  5. MacNN reports Microsoft posts trial edition of Office 2008 for Mac
  6. InfoWorld reports IT pros prefer XP over new Windows 7, survey says
  7. Microsoft courts startups to build the next big Windows Mobile app
  8. SuperSite for Windows posts Windows 7 build 7106 screens
  9. Microsoft Press: Two free e-books available in April
  10. TG Daily reports Firefox 3.5 beta 4 due next week Digital Trends on best Firefox add-ons
  11. Getting ready for Android 1.5
  12. Ars Technica's hands-on: Trillian Astra beta supports Twitter and Facebook
  13. Techgage has RipNAS essentials - Automated CD ripping with WHS
  14. Hardware-Infos reports GPU Caps Viewer with CUDA support is out (write-up in German)

  1. Kotaku reports Microsoft extends warranty for "E74" failures
  2. DailyTech reports Wii MotionPlus and Wii Sports Resort confirmed for the United States
  3. GamePolitics reports first amendment defender will be missed
  4. WoW Insider reports Blizzard sets May 19 deadline for add-on policy compliance
  5. bit-tech asks, "Does professional gaming have a future?"
  6. Shacknews: Six Days in Fallujah, one small problem
  7. TestFreaks post Kraze screenshots
  8. bit-tech's Achron interview and Braid review
  9. FiringSquad reviews Combat Arms
  10. Gaming Heaven reviews Monsters vs. Aliens - The video game (PC)
  11. bit-tech's iPhone and iPod Touch games roundup
  12. Steam has updates for Braid, GTA IV, Sacred 2, and X3: Terran Conflict
  13. FileShack has World of Warcraft patch 3.1.0
Systems and storage

  1. HotHardware's BFG Tech interview with John Malley on Phobos
  2. AnandTech reviews IBuyPower Gamer Paladin F860-a
  3. Digital Trends reviews Dell Adamo
  4. Phoronix reviews Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook
  5. CowcotLand reviews Dell Studio 17 laptop (in French)
  6. CPU3D on the ugliest PC @ the i36 LAN event - Please "make me cooler"
  7. VIA Arena on VIA's Em-ITX - Double-sided embedded computing
  8. Maximum PC has a brief history of CPUs: 31 awesome years of x86
  9. Björn3D reviews Asus M4N72-E 750a
  10. bit-tech reviews 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.12
  11. Guru3D reviews 120GB OCZ Vertex SSD
  12. TweakTown reviews 80GB Kingston SSDNow M-Series SSD w/ Intel firmware update

  1. reviews XFX Radeon HD 4890 XXX
  2. bit-tech reviews Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 2GB Vapor-X
  3. TweakTown reviews Galaxy GeForce GTX 275 overclocked tri-fan graphics card
  4. techPowerUp! reviews Inno3D GeForce GTX 275 OC 896M
  5. Overclock3D's XFX Radeon HD 4000 series roundup
  6. ITreviewed on Kensington dual monitor adapter
  7. TweakTown reviews TRENDnet TK-IP101 KVM IP switch with TK-423K KVM
  8. I4U reviews AAXA Technologies P1 pico projector
  9. InsideHW reviews Canon PowerShot SX1 IS
  10. Digital Trends reviews Nokia E63
  11. techPowerUp! reviews Sennheiser IE6 earphones
  12. bit-tech reviews Razer Mamba gaming mouse
  13. HardwareLogic reviews Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard
  14. DriverHeaven reviews Thrustmaster T. Flight Hotas X / HAWX joystick
  15. ReviewStash's video review of Trademark Gifts USB paper shredder
Power, casing, and cooling

  1. TechReviews on 860W PC Power and Cooling Turbo-Cool PSU
  2. Hi Tech Legion reviews Antec CP-850 PSU
  3. [OC]ModShop reviews 800W Ultra X3 PSU
  4. XSReviews on Zalman 770 XT PSU
  5. Legit Reviews on iConnplus iBP1200 iPhone 3G case / charger
  6. PureOverclock reviews SilverStone Fortress FT01 case
  7. Technic3D reviews Cooler Master HAF 932 case (in German)
  8. Björn3D reviews HornetTek Rhino 2.5" SATA to USB enclosure
  9. ProClockers review Xigmatek Thor's Hammer
  10. DriverHeaven reviews Xigmatek Cobra cooler
  11. Verdis Reviews on Noctua NH-U12P and Coolink GFXChilla coolers
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