Affordable, ultra-thin Dell laptop may ship in August

Dell’s Adamo might look nice and sleek, but not everybody has two grand to blow on a 13.4″ laptop with a 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo and Intel integrated graphics. However, Dell may have some equally thin and light systems with much more tolerable price tags (and cheaper Intel “CULV” processors) in the works.

According to DigiTimes, Taiwanese contract manufacturer Compal Electronics has received orders from Dell for CULV-based laptops. The systems are “expected to start shipping in August,” so we may see them hit Dell’s online store before this summer.

If you missed the memo, CULV stands for consumer ultra-low voltage, and you could call it Intel’s answer to the AMD Athlon Neo—a processor series for systems that inhabit the gray area between netbooks and regular ultra-thin laptops. Acer announced CULV-based notebooks priced at $699-899 last week, and they include low-power 1.4GHz Core 2 processors with one or two cores.

DigiTimes says Toshiba and Lenovo also have plans for similar systems. (Incidentally, Compal is supposedly “in the running” to get orders from those two PC vendors.)

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    • eitje
    • 14 years ago

    i’m a trackpointer too.
    we should really start a club.

    • Turd-Monkey
    • 14 years ago

    Thinkpad x200s and x301 are already available with ‘Low’ (LV) and ‘Ultra Low’ (ULV) Core 2 Duos.

    Quick check of shows:
    x200s options: SU9300, SL9400
    x301 only appears to be available w/ SU9400

    Specs: §[<<]§ Hopefully these 'CULV' processors will have similar specs and lower prices.

    • Ethyriel
    • 14 years ago

    Unfortunately, I’d expect Lenovo’s offering to be an Ideapad, maybe an S12 or some such.

    • ImSpartacus
    • 14 years ago

    I like Dell laptops, but I really want a low power Thinkpad. I need some trackpoint lovin! I’m wondering if these CULVs will be the future of portable fullsize laptops.

    • flip-mode
    • 14 years ago

    LOL at “slow is the new black”. But it is and always has been “spending” that creates new jobs.

    • tay
    • 14 years ago

    Brilliant I didn’t get this for a second…

    • ssidbroadcast
    • 14 years ago

    Yeah. Use PC terms to describe your PC, man.

    • ludi
    • 14 years ago

    It’s not slow, it’s “differently abled”.

    • mmp121
    • 14 years ago

    slow is the new black…

    kinda like more taxes creates more jobs…

    kinda like GM’s segway will reduce traffic, reduce gridlock, and make cats and dogs sing in joyous harmony…

    <starts digging a ditch to hide in>

    • kcarlile
    • 14 years ago

    You mean Dell’s making a laptop even slower than the Adamo?


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