32nm Westmere samples go out to PC makers

Intel isn't skipping a beat. After announcing first-quarter net income growth yesterday morning, Intel CEO Paul Otellini revealed during the earnings conference call that 32nm Westmere processors have begun sampling. According to PC World, Intel has already sent out samples to 30 laptop and desktop PC manufacturers.

We've known about Intel's aggressive schedule since February, when the chipmaker announced that Westmere would hit production in late 2009. During yesterday's call, PC World says Otellini predicted that Westmere will ship "in volume" later this year and "could be on sale in PCs by early next year." That sounds like the launch might take place in January—or perhaps even December, depending on how things shape up.

As we've already reported, Westmere is a 32nm dual-core processor based on the same architecture as the Core i7. It will ship in a two-chip package, where a die containing a graphics core and the memory controller will share the ride with the CPU die. Intel plans two flavors of this design: Arrandale for notebooks and Clarkdale for the desktop.

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