Samsung claims first self-encrypting SSDs

We saw Samsung introduce self-encrypting mechanical hard drives, and we saw it introduce solid-state drives. Now, the Korean electronics firm has pooled its knowledge to create self-encrypting solid-state drives. Isn't progress exciting?

These new self-encrypting SSDs are purportedly the first of their kind in the industry, and they're launching in 256GB, 128GB, and 64GB variants with 2.5" and 1.8" form factors. (Incidentally, Samsung says the 1.8" drives are also the first self-encrypted storage devices of that size. That's two claimed industry firsts in one.)

All of the aforementioned SSDs can encrypt data as it's written—a process Samsung says doesn't impact performance—and they come bundled with Wave's Embassy management software. In Samsung's words, the Embassy Trusted Drive Manager offers "complete life cycle management of the drive including pre-boot authentication to the drive and enrolling drive administrators and users." You can also use the tool to back up security credentials.

Samsung's press release says nothing about pricing, but it does point out that the self-encrypting drives are already available "through at least one major OEM."

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