Deal of the week: Cheap(er) quad-core Phenom IIs—UPDATED

If you've read our latest processor value analysis, you'll know AMD's quad-core Phenom IIs are pretty much neck-and-neck with the competition in terms of both price and performance. So, wouldn't it be great if they suddenly got about, oh, 20 bucks cheaper?

As it so happens, Newegg has sent us a couple of coupon codes that should shave $20 off the price of the fastest two Phenom II X4s for TR readers:

  • The 3GHz Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition normally costs $214.99, but entering the promo code "AMD41420" (without the quotes) on Newegg's checkout page will let you grab it for $194.99 with free shipping. Newegg tells us that code should be valid until April 19.

    Update: Newegg has cut the price of this CPU to $189.99. Applying the promo code "AMD41420" should now bring the price down to only $169.99 with free shipping. (As far as we know, the code still expires on April 19.)

  • For the 2.8GHz Phenom II X4 920, applying the code "AMD41520" will bring the price from $184 to $164 with free shipping. That code will expire a couple of days later, on April 21.

The Phenoms are hard not to recommend at those prices. While they do have somewhat higher power consumption than their Intel counterparts—the Core 2 Quad Q9400 and Core 2 Quad Q8300—they're just as fast (and perhaps faster in the case of the Q8300), and the AM2+ socket has a more promising upgrade path than Intel's LGA775. On top of that, the Phenom II X 940 has an unlocked upper multiplier that can make overclocking a breeze.

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