WD unveils ''green'' 2TB enterprise hard drive

The 2TB Caviar Green is heading to enterprise—with a different name and a slightly different set of features, of course. Western Digital says it has begun shipping the RE4-GP, a "green" hard drive with a 2TB capacity, a 64MB buffer, and some of the same enterprise-friendly perks as WD's older RE2-GP offerings.

Among those perks: five-year warranty coverage (compared to three years for the 2TB Caviar Green), a 1.2-million-hour Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) rating, time-limited error recovery (TLER), and rotary acceleration feed forward (RAFF). TLER reduces the amount of time a drive will spend in recovery mode, while RAFF compensates for vibration-prone setups like rack servers—two features that should make the RE4-GP better-suited to RAID setups than its desktop cousin.

The RE4-GP improves upon the RE2-GP with not just a higher capacity, WD says, but also a 25% increase in performance (at best) and a 25% average reduction in power draw. Those perks come at a cost, though: WD quotes a $329 suggested retail price for the new drive. Incidentally, that's about a $30 premium over the 2TB Caviar Green.

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