Yuletide tales

  1. ZZZ online number 63
  2. Ask Brian Hook: On the Skies of Arcadia
  3. Quakeidge interviews id Software's Paul Jaquays and Todd Hollenshead
  4. ShackES does The Babbage's recap (CPL event)
  5. ZDNet: Bankruptcy crashes the Barbie PC
  6. AnandTech's high-end buyer's guide
  7. LinuxLookup's TOTW: using 'tr' to translate data
Hardware reviews & software

  1. "3-dimension" disc article@Digit Life
  2. Digit Life reviews Asus P4T
  3. Xbit labs reviews Tt Super Orb
  4. Speedy3D updates case modification resource center
  5. Blue LED mouse mod
  6. Rojak Pot reviews MS SideWinder Strategic Commander
  7. Doom Legacy 1.31 xmas
  8. Diablo II v1.04, v1.04B, and v1.04C patches
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