Developers get early look at Nvidia's OpenCL SDK

Nvidia is wasting no opportunities to generate hype around its GPU computing efforts. In its latest GPGPU-related move, the company says it has released an OpenCL driver and software development kit to members of the OpenCL Early Access Program.

Nvidia claims it's giving developers a first peek at the software "to solicit early feedback in advance of a beta release which will be made available to all GPU Computing Registered Developers in the coming months." That sounds a tad behind schedule, though—the company told us last December that it was planning a beta OpenCL driver for the first quarter of 2009. A "full implementation" was supposed to follow this quarter.

The press release goes on to say that coders can sign up to become GPU Computing Registered Developers at That address points to a "Page Not Found" warning right now, however. As far as we can tell, the actual signup form is up here on the Nvidia Developer Zone site.

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