Intel SSDs could get a bit cheaper next week

If you're eying one of Intel's mainstream solid-state drives for your desktop or laptop, you might want to hold off on a purchase until next week. VR-Zone has word that Intel plans to give SSD prices a little trim on April 26.

Reportedly, 80GB flavors of the 2.5" X25-M and 1.8" X18-M SSDs will go down 50 bucks from $385 to $335. Versions of the same drives with 160GB capacities will fall from $760 to $660, as well. VR-Zone notes that Intel's enterprise-class SSDs won't budge from their current prices, however—that means you'll still have to pay upward of $410 for a 32GB X25-E.

In any case, next week might be an especially good time to buy an X25-M or X18-M—especially now that Intel has rolled out updated firmware to fix a (purportedly rare) slowdown-inducing internal fragmentation problem. According to PC Perspective, X25-Ms with the new firmware can reach write speeds over the rated 70MB/s during a file copy.

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