Revised MS Xbox specs

Last week, rumors of a 1GHz processor for the Xbox were quashed but Microsoft has indeed revised their Xbox specs. The speed of NVIDIA's X-chip (graphics) has dropped from 300MHz to 250MHz. This has reduced the Xbox's polygon performance from 150M/Sec to 125M/Sec. Initially, the specs on the Japanese site remained unchanged until the 25th where it now features the same specs as the U.S. version. The Japanese site also has a new Christmas screensaver which you can download here. It was announced on Friday that Ravisent has been selected to do the DVD playback software and in an attempt to avoid the same undersupply problems that have plagued Sony's PS2 release, Microsoft has unveiled their plans for a worldwide rollout. The U.S. launch of the Xbox is slated for an early fall (September?) release. Tech demos can still be found at Pipeworks Software with eggnog (more speculation) to be served at MSXbox.
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