Opteron EE lineup debuts with 40W thermal envelope

New Opterons ahoy! AMD has added 12 new models to its server and workstation processor lineup, simultaneously bringing its lowest-power and highest-clocked quad-core Opterons yet. The most energy-efficient offerings have ACP ratings of just 40W, while the fastest new Opterons run at up to 3.1GHz—although that speed comes at the cost of a more imposing 105W rating.

Here's a full list of the Opterons AMD is launching today. All of the following have four cores and are based on AMD's 45nm Shanghai design:

Model Clock speed ACP rating
Opteron 2373 EE 2.1GHz 40W
Opteron 2377 EE 2.3GHz 40W
Opteron 2379 HE 2.4GHz 55W
Opteron 8379 HE 2.4GHz 55W
Opteron 2381 HE 2.5GHz 55W
Opteron 8381 HE 2.5GHz 55W
Opteron 2387 2.8GHz 75W
Opteron 8387 2.8GHz 75W
Opteron 2389 2.9GHz 75W
Opteron 8389 2.9GHz 75W
Opteron 2393 SE 3.1GHz 105W
Opteron 8393 SE 3.1GHz 105W

Most of the newcomers are effectively higher-clocked versions of previous Shanghai CPUs, but the Opteron EEs make up an entirely new product category. AMD says these low-power processors should be an ideal fit for "dense environments" like cloud-computing applications—a purportedly burgeoning market. (The launch presentation quoted IDC and AMD research that says cloud-computing spending is growing at six times the overall IT spending rate.)

The Opteron 2373 EE and 2377 EE may not have the highest clock speeds, but AMD is quick to stress that they have the same functionality as their faster brethren, including 6MB of L3 cache per chip and hardware virtualization support. In fact, AMD tells us it didn't have to make any circuit design changes in order to reach lower power envelopes. These 40W CPUs are simply the product of binning and yield improvements.

AMD claims the Opteron 2377 EE delivers a 63% performance-per-watt increase over the 65nm, 75W Opteron 2356 in SPECpower_ssj2008. Since the new EE parts should be drop-in compatible with all Socket F platforms, they could also serve as interesting upgrade options for current servers.

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