OCZ releases pricey PCI Express solid-state drives

After Fusion-io and Super Talent, OCZ Technology has become the latest company to introduce PCI Express solid-state drives with stunning performance ratings, prodigious capacities... and intimidating prices.

OCZ's new Z-Drive SSDs are launching with 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB capacities, all of which fit into PCI Express x4 slots and can purportedly write data at a sustained 200MB/s. Top speeds also range from 450-500MB/s for reads and 300-470MB/s for writes, depending on the model. (The lower the capacity, the lower the top performance.)

Just like its competitors, OCZ uses a built-in RAID controller to reach those performance levels. The company says Z-Drives include four Vertex controllers—presumably the ones it uses in 2.5" Vertex SSDs—which are set up in a four-way RAID 0 array. A built-in 256MB cache helps speed things along, too.

How much do these things cost? OCZ doesn't quote suggested pricing in its press release, but a quick Google search reveals that the drives are listed at FrozenCPU.com. The 250GB model will already set you back a cool $1,325.95, the 500GB Z-Drive costs just over two grand, and the 1TB model is a whopping $3,239.95. If you're feeling adventurous, though, all three of them are in stock.

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