3dfx Gamers back up again?

To support or not to support, that is the question. According to RIVA Station, 3dfx Gamers has been down for the past couple of days only to mysteriously go up again on Christmas day. 3dfx Gamers' downtime left many speculating that their drivers would not be available anymore. If 3dfx decides to pull the plug on their driver website, this time for good, will they be leaving their loyal Voodoo card owners in the lurch? Not to worry, as RIVA Station has managed to snag most of the latest drivers for the Voodoo cards. In fact, 3D Chipset claims to have them all, both the offical and beta drivers. 3D Chipset plans to make them available next month. However, for your own insecurity, Voodoo card owners may want to take time out and download whatever drivers they need before 3dfx Gamers shuts down again and the drivers disappear permanently.
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