Sunday Shortbread


  1. AMD hints to Hyper-Threading in 2012
  2. ATi-Forum on RV870 - Specifications emerged (write-up in German)
  3. VR-Zone reports Nvidia preparing 40nm GeForce GT 240M & G210M
  4. Legit Reviews covers Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship 2009 - North America
  5. PC Perspective takes Kingston Technology factory tour in Fountain Valley, CA

  1. SuperSite Blog reveals more Windows 7 RC details
  2. The Windows 7 Team posts Windows 7 Release Candidate update;
    public availability of the RC confirmed to be May 5th
  3. Neowin reports Windows 7 RC build 7100 leaks
  4. Tech ARP posts the latest Microsoft Windows 7 roadmap rev. 3.1
    and Windows Vista Service Pack 2's latest release schedule
  5. hardCOREware reports Windows 7 streams media to Xbox 360 and PS3 seamlessly
  6. The Inquirer reports security outfit call for roll back of IE
  7. Internet Explorer 8 language packs for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008
  8. AMD's Windows 7-ready OverDrive 3.01
  9. EVGA SLI patch version 10 (04.24.09)
  10. New Opera snapshot with automated crash reporting and a more detailed changelog

  1. InsideHW reviews MSI NetOn AP1900
  2. ComputerWorld reports AMD overclocks new Phenom II X4 to 7GHz
  3. HardwareZone reviews Phenom II X4 955 - A timely upgrade
  4. Hardware Secrets posts Athlon 64 models decoder ring
  5. VR-Zone's DFI LANParty UT P55 board first look
  6. Rbmods on Asus VW226H 26" monitor
  7. VR-Zone reviews Sony Ericsson C510
  8. Digital Trends reviews Nokia Intrigue 7205
  9. FrostyTech reviews Cooler Master Hyper N520 and Evercool VC-RHE Formula 2
  10. Hardware Pacers review GlacialTech UFO V51 Silent
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