32nm Westmere prototype found in the wild, tested

We recently heard that Intel had sent out samples of its 32nm Westmere processors to no fewer than 30 PC manufacturers. Well, those CPUs didn't take long to fall into the public eye. XtremeSystems forum member JCornell got hold of one of them, and he's posted photos and the result of an early benchmark for all to see.

The XtremeSystems forum thread seems to have mysteriously disappeared (the link now points to an innocuous Core i7 water-cooling thread), but Google still hosts an intact cached version. According to the cache, JCornell showed pictures of Clarkdale—the desktop variant of Westmere. The chip has similar-looking packages with LGA-style contacts at the bottom.

In Google's cache of the thread's second page, you can still see a screenshot of a SuperPI benchmark run on the Clarkdale sample. At 2.4GHz with 256KB of L2 cache per core, 4MB of L3 cache per chip, two cores, and four threads, the processor apparently managed to complete a 1M SuperPI run in 18.125 seconds.

According to the folks at NordicHardware, that's a 10% performance gain over current Core processors running at the same speed. Not bad. NordicHardware also hosts one of the CPU photos and the SuperPI screenshot, should you wish to take a gander once Google's cache refreshes.

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