When morons attack

Time for me to play catch-up after Christmas. Here's a, well, bizarre article over at ZDNet discussing the phenomenon of "Web-rage." Tremble in fear.

Apparently this is a new buzzword term that means "when people get ticked off at search engines." I was unaware that search engines were capable of unleashing such terrible emotions, but there you go. According to the company that thought this was a worthwhile thing to survey, Web-rage can set in after three to twelve minutes of fruitless searching for information on the web. Perhaps these people should try a new search. I suggest "Valium" or "Prozac".

It should be pointed out that the study "was sponsored by natural language search engine WebTop. . ." and that it "take[s] a swipe at those [search engines] that return a large number of results, such as Google or Alta Vista." Hmm, marketing BS disguised as research, anyone? Besides, Web-rage is hardly a new phenomenon; <BLINK> tags have been infuriating Web users for years.

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