New 910W PC Power & Cooling PSU has 88% efficiency rating

Remember that beefier Silencer power supply we spotted at OCZ's CES booth in January? Well, it's finally out. OCZ has formally introduced the PC Power & Cooling Silencer 910, a top-of-the-line unit with a maximum power output rating of—you guessed it—910 watts.

Being part of the same product line, the Silencer 910 takes a lot after the older Silencer 750 (which earned a TR Editor's Choice award last year). Both units have similar-looking designs with 80mm cooling fans, plenty of connectors, high rated efficiency, Nvidia SLI certification, five-year warranty coverage, and a single, massive 12V rail.

To be more specific, the Silencer 910's 12V rail can churn out a jaw-dropping 74A (888W). The unit has also received 80 Plus Silver certification, which means "typical" efficiency should be a cool 88%. For reference, our tests showed the Silencer 750 was roughly 84% efficient at a 50% load. On the cabling front, the Silencer 910 has two six-pin PCI Express connectors, two "6/8-pin" PCIe connectors, and 12 SATA connectors.

If you expected a PSU with those specifications to be cheap, prepare to be disappointed. OCZ's press release says the Silencer 910 should be "retailing under $200," but the official PC Power & Cooling online store has it listed for $229.99. The 750W model, meanwhile, will set you back just $119.99 at Newegg.

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