Morning, folks. As you may have noticed in the 'bread, a new graphics card called the Radeon HD 4770 was introduced today. I've been working on a review pretty much non-stop since completing my Phenom II X4 955 article, with a bit of a break on Friday to record the podcast. (Fun episode this time, by the way.) Unfortunately, I'm just not finished with it yet.

One reason it's taken a while is that I did some different things with this review. Straying off the beaten path always takes extra time, but it's sometimes worth doing. I think you'll enjoy the article whenever it is complete—perhaps late today, and perhaps in a few days. Thing is, I've got to work around another pressing obligation. And the heck of it is that I now have a total of three articles sitting in the queue for which I've completed my evaluation, done the layout, written an outline, and have partially written the text. Ack.

At some point, these will flow forth in a tidal wave of content. Or something. Just need a brief window where I stop adding new things before the old ones are complete.

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