Intel SSD prices fall, 80GB X25-M now $325 shipped

Confirming last week's reports, Intel has trimmed prices in its solid-state drive line—and the cuts are slightly deeper than expected.

A quick look around Newegg shows that the 80GB X25-M now sells for $325 with free shipping—a 17% drop from the $393 the same e-tailer charged only two weeks ago. As for the 160GB X25-M, that model has dipped from around $720 last week to $630 with free shipping today. (That works out to a scanter 13% dive.)

According to the folks at DailyTech, Intel has also trimmed the recommended price of its 32GB X25-E SSD from $415 to $390. Being an enterprise-grade solution with fancier single-level-cell flash memory, though, the X25-E isn't meant to be quite as affordable as its X25-M brethren.

Incidentally, DailyTech writes that Intel plans to ramp up supply of 1.8" X18-M SSDs for netbooks and ultraportable laptops. Retail availability of those drives has been "limited since its launch," the site claims.

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